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AmericaMay 22-24, 2018

SID's Display Week

Booth 512 (Cevians)
Los Angeles Convention Center - Los Angeles - USA

The 55th Display Week, presented by the Society for Information Display (SID), will take place May 20-25 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Display Week is the world's leading event focused on emerging electronic display technologies – their advancement, integration into products, and commercialization.

The Society for Information Display (SID) is the only professional organization focused on the advancement of electronic display technology. The organization's members are professionals in the technical and business disciplines that relate to display research, design, manufacturing, applications, marketing and sales. SID hosts more than 10 conferences a year, including Display Week, which brings industry and academia all under one roof to showcase technology that will shape the future.

Since 1968, Cevians has grown to become a world leader in advanced light sciences, NVIS materials (night vision imaging systems), optical filters, and lighting solutions and components. LCD solutions engineered by Cevians range from ruggedization of commercial off the shelf modules to custom design modules around high reliability LCD cells. Cevians serves the military, defense, aerospace, industrial, and medical industries.


EuropeFebruary 6-9, 2018

Integrated Systems Europe 2018

Hall 12, Booth E-80 (Champ Vision Display)
Amsterdam RAI - Amsterdam - Netherlands

Champ Vision Display Inc. is a subsidiary of Coretronic founded in 2017. The company innovates in the fields of industrial, medical and commercial displays, as well as smart display solutions. Coretronic has established itself as the Taiwanese leader in advanced LCD backlight technologies and digital projectors in Taiwan. It is also one of the world's leading R&D players in these fields.

ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) is the world’s largest tradeshow dedicated to professional AV and electronic systems integration. The fifteenth edition promises to be the biggest and most interesting since its launch.

Integrated Systems Europe 2018

AmericaJanuary 9-12, 2018

Consumer Electronics Show 2018

Hall D - Booth 40925 (La Poste)
Sands Expo & Convention Center - Las Vegas - USA

Alioscopy will exhibit three glasses-free 3D monitors on the e-Health booth of the French National Post:

  • Alioscopy 3D UHD 65" PT monitor with segmented patient models created by Visible Patient (Portrait format)
  • Alioscopy 3D UHD 31.5" PT monitor with interactive control, using the Leap Motion controller, of segmented patient models created by Visible Patient (Portrait format)
  • Alioscopy 3D HD 21.5" SV monitor with preoperative reports delivered by two surgeons, filmed in 3D, for their patients.
Consumer Electronics Show 2018

EuropeApril 6, 2016

University Hospital Institutes International Day

Brain & Spine Institute (ICM)
Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital - 47, bd de l'Hôpital - Paris - France

At the invitation of the Strasbourg IHU, Alioscopy presented the 3D model of a patient segmented by Visible Patient on an Alioscopy 3D UHD 31.5" PT portrait monitor. This is the result of a joint development carried out under the 3D-SURG consortium. The application is controlled by a contactless interface. In addition, Alioscopy showcased its real-time conversion solution dedicated to 3D endoscopy on an Alioscopy 3D UHD 55" monitor.

Alioscopy3DHD55LV Alioscopy3DUHD55

The University Hospital Institutes International Day was opened by president Francois Hollande, who got a first hand preview of Alioscopy's latest technological innovations.

François Hollande

University Hospital Institutes International Day

EuropeFebruary 9-12, 2016

Integrated Systems Europe 2016

Hall 8, Booth 8-N270 (iBase)
Amsterdam RAI - Amsterdam - Netherlands

iBASE is a leading embedded computer manufacturer for digital signage. iBASE will drive an Alioscopy 3D UHD 31.5'' SV 4K screen with its new ultra-compact computer player, playing content converted from stereoscopy into auto-stereoscopy using cutting-edge Alioscopy software.

ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) is the world’s largest tradeshow dedicated to professional AV and electronic systems integration.

Integrated Systems Europe 2016

AsiaMay 11-13, 2015

28th Annual Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA 2015)

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Institute for Media Innovation (IMI) - 50 Nanyang Avenue - Singapore

CASA is the oldest international conference in computer animation and social agents in the world. It was founded in Geneva in 1988 under the name of Computer Animation (CA). In the last past ten years, CASA was held in Hong Kong (2005), Switzerland (2006), Belgium (2007), Korea (2008), Netherlands (2009), France (2010), China (2011), Singapore (2012), Turkey (2013) and United States (2014).

CASA will be held in Singapore this year and organized by the Institute for Media Innovation (IMI). The conference will be held at the Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC) on campus at the Nanyang Technological University, while workshops will be held at the NTU Reality Theatre.

Laurent Fabry, Technical Director of Alioscopy Singapore, will speak at the afternoon session on May 11. Collaboration between IMI and Alioscopy started in 2009. Alioscopy will be talking about the latest trends of development of auto-stereoscopic interactive / realtime applications and usage.

28th Annual Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA 2015)

EuropeMarch 27 - June 14, 2015

Lumière ! The invention of cinema

Salon d'Honneur
Grand Palais - Paris - France

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the invention of the cinematograph, the Institut Lumière has organised an unprecedented exhibition dedicated to the flagship inventions of the Lyon-based pioneers of cinema, Louis and Auguste Lumière.

In 1935, the Lumière brothers filmed a 3D remake of their famous 1895 film The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station and screened it with anaglyph glasses at the annual meeting of the French Academy of Science. 80 years later, this film could be converted in Alioscopy format and it is shown for the first time ever in glasses-free 3D.

The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station

Louis Lumière had prophetised that 3D would only be take off when technology would relieve the audience from cumbersome glasses. This time has now come!

Lumière ! The invention of cinema

AmericaJanuary 6-9, 2015

Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Booth 75484 - Eureka Park
Sands Expo - Halls A-C - Las Vegas - USA

After having been represented every year at CES by different partners, Alioscopy exhibits for the first time on its own booth, to showcase the latest advances in conversion of stereoscopic content into autostereoscopic format. Quality of content now meets the reputation of Alioscopy screens and makes the technology finally eligible for the consumer market.

Thanks to Christopher Marsh for his positive comments at the show: "The best all round glasses-less 3D experience was from Alioscopy, which demoed tablet, desktop screen and larger TV screens. These all provided a good experience for multiple viewers."

Read post from The Drum

Consumer Electronics Show 2015

AmericaAugust 12-14, 2014

Siggraph 2014

Booth no. 1201 - NVIDIA
Vancouver Convention Centre - Vancouver, Canada

For the first time, NVIDIA will display a 3D CATIA model, Dassault Systèmes' flagship software, on an Alioscopy portrait 4K screen.

This interactive application controlled by a touchpad was developped by the Dassault Systèmes FashionLab. It benefits from the power of 6 parallelized NVIDIA Quadro K6000 graphics cards, to present a 3D model of the watch conceived by French designer François Quentin, creator of the 4N brand. This application offers a realistic render of the object and allows the user to interact intuitively with it. It is emblematic of the new enriched immersive experiences offered by Dassault Systèmes to its users.

Features of this technology demonstration will be integrated in upcoming commercial releases of CATIA.

Siggraph 2014

Siggraph 2014

AmericaApril 7–10, 2014

NAB Show 2014

Booth C7419 - Thales Angénieux (Central Hall)
Las Vegas Convention Center - Las Vegas, Nevada - USA

Alioscopy will exhibit its technology on the Thales Angénieux booth at NAB 2014. Binocle 3D, 3D partner of Thales Angénieux, will showcase stereoscopic 3D films shot with Angénieux lenses and converted into Alioscopy 8-view format on an Alioscopy 3DHD 55" screen.

NAB Show 2014

AmericaMarch 25-26, 2014

The Night Club and Bar Show

Booth 1245 - WizzCom
Las Vegas Convention Center - Las Vegas - United States

The Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show is the definitive on-premise beverage show. Held in Las Vegas every March, this show's got it all: dynamic speakers as well as innovative products, informational tools, unique demonstrations and special events on the exhibit floor and non-stop evening events. You'll walk away with great ideas for taking your operation to new heights! WizzCom will showcase the new Alioscopy 3D HD 55" LV screen. It's one-of-the-kind impact will win all visitors.

The Night Club and Bar Show

AmericaFebruary 23-27, 2014

HIMSS 2014

Booth 688 - Show Chwan Health Care System
Orlando Convention Center - Orlando, FL - USA

Alioscopy is invited by Show Chwan Health Care System to showcase interactive medical content on an Alioscopy 3DHD 55" screen.

Show Chwan is the largest private hospital group in Taiwan. Its fundamental spirit is "treating patients like family, dedication to professional work, serving with loving care". It also seeks innovation, progress and diversified exchanges in medical technology, new medical knowledge and medical equipment. In recent years, Show Chwan has opened branches in ChanBing, Chushan and Taipei. It also manages the Tainan Municipal Hospital and Kaohsiung Kangshan Hospital, and formed affiliations with hospitals over the world.

HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is a global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better health through information technology (IT). HIMSS leads efforts to optimize health engagements and care outcomes using information technology.

HIMSS 2014

EuropeFebruary 4-6, 2014

ISE 2014

Hall 1, Booth 1M20 (WolfVision)
Amsterdam RAI - Amsterdam - Netherlands

WolfVision will present images filmed by its 3D Visualizer on an Alioscopy 3D HD 42"S SV5 5-viewpoint-screen. Stereoscopic images filmed by the Visualizer are converted in real-time by the conversion board developed by 3D Impact Media.

ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) is the world’s largest tradeshow dedicated to professional AV and electronic systems integration.

WolfVision is a Austrian manufacturer of Visualizer presentation systems (document cameras) based in Vorarlberg. Visualizers are special optoelectronic devices designed to pick up images of 3-dimensional objects, documents, books, photos and other items from a working surface in high quality, providing a high resolution output signal for video/data projectors, 2D and 3D monitors, interactive whiteboards or videoconferencing systems.

ISE 2014

AmericaJanuary 7-10, 2014

Consumer Electronics Show 2014

Booth no. 26721, South Hall 2 - Show Chwan Health Care System
Las Vegas Convention Center - Las Vegas - United States

Following RSNA, Show Chwan Health Care System will present the new Alioscopy 3DHD 55" screen with medical imagery produced by IRCAD (Research Institute against Cancers of the Digestive System) as well as an interactive application designed by Havas Health.

Consumer Electronics Show 2014

EuropeUntil March 16, 2014


From comic book to 3D Experience - Exhibition-installation
Musée des Arts et Métiers - Paris - France

Dassault Sytèmes explores the world of Enki Bilal with a very clever optical theatre installation implementing an Alioscopy 3D HD 24" screen, to create an holographic illusion.

Dassault Systèmes gives both a real and virtual existence to the script-walker, a device allowing to send messages in the past. In " La Femme piège" (1986), the second part of the "Nikopol Trilogy", the heroine Jill Bioskop types a report on her script-walker about conflicts igniting London in 2025 and her articles are published in French newspaper "Libération" in 1993. This strange object looking like a giant insect was modeled in 3D using Dassault Systèmes CAD software, generally used to design cars, machines or any other industrial object. It was then incorporated into an augmented reality setup, combining a real object and virtual images, displayed by an Alioscopy screen mirroring in a slanted glass and producing an interactive holographic illusion. The script-walker was materialized using 3D printing techniques (stereolithography), and its operating principles are overlaid using the reflection of Alioscopy 3D images. The boundaries between real and imaginary world vanish momentarily. Within this museum dedicated to engineers and technical inventions, among communication tools such as the morse machine or gramophone, the actuation of Dassault Systèmes seems obvious, but it also takes on another meaning as intermediary between art and science, imagination and technical innovation, industrial advances and new technologies.

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